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Arduino Based CW decoder. *UPDATED*

This Arduino based CW decoder was developed by Hjalmar, OZ1JHM.

Hjalmar published the schematics and source code for everyone to use.

The “sketch” programmed in to the Arduino is based on the Goertzel Algorithm for those who are interested on how it works.

To increase the flexibility a microphone like this can be added to the circuitry.

If you are interested on building this CW decoder, but need assistance or have any questions feel free to send an email to: [webmaster (at) k2jji (dot) org].

UPDATED 9/18/2015:

This post was made 1 year ago exactly to the date but it is the most viewed article on this site. I receive a lot of questions on this project. Most of the questions I get are about how to connect the components. I have deiced to post the schematics of my implementation and also the code I use on my version of this project. In addition I also designed a single sided PCB version of the board for those who want to give it a try. You can etch, CNC machine or send out the files for fabrication.

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