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Author Topic: New Weekly Net???
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Post New Weekly Net???
on: February 23, 2011, 11:34pm

I have thought for some time now that it would be nice if we had a weekly net other than the RACES net on Tuesday Nights. Maybe something on Saturday or Sunday evening. When I first was licensed, there was a net called the “Munch Bunch” that meet I think every noon and they just chatted about whatever came to mind. There could be a net on anything of course, the key to a good net is keeping a regular schedule so everyone knows when it will be. Maybe one on Radio Scanners or Scanner Listening, or shortwave listening? Maybe one to go over questions on the General or Extra Exam to help our friends upgrade? Maybe one to discuss different antennas? Maybe one to just “Rag Chew”. Maybe we do not need one, but I wanted to throw this out and see if anyone is interested in being Net Control for a net of their choice. What does everyone think, would you like to see another net on the Tryon Repeater and if so, what kind of net?

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Post Re: New Weekly Net???
on: March 6, 2011, 10:47pm

So….what do you think about the Sunday Night
“Net about not necessarily anything”
It would be a round table net…very informal…take initial check ins to get the order of the round table established, then open it up to any topic/discussion or just talk as the participants wanted that night. If someone wanted to talk about a specific topic one week, we could leave a note on the web page so anyone interested could think abut it before the net. Anyone with a specific topic could also be the net control for that week if they wished. If anyone is interested, I would volunteer to start it up next Sunday March 13th at 8pm and see how it goes!

Steve K2ALS

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Post Re: New Weekly Net???
on: March 25, 2011, 10:14am

I’ll try to remember to join in…. I remember the nets we used to have on side band (2 and 6 mtrs).. they were a lot of fun!!! but we were on there almost every night. 73 kr2l

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