Repeaters: Gloversville, NY 146.700 (-) PL: 123.0 | Town of Florida, Amsterdam NY 146.970 (-) PL: 123.0 | Northville, NY 146.835 (-) PL: 123.0

New ARES and RACES Appointments

It is my pleasure to announce the following long overdue appointments.  Howard Selwitz KD2ABK has been appointed as the Assistant Fulton County ARES Emergency Coordinator backing up Steve Kuck K2ALS.  Joe O’Neill KB2TJE has been appointed as the Deputy Fulton County RACES Radio Officer filling in for Don Gifford Wa2eZ when needed.  Please thank them for their service when you see them on the radio… 

                                    Don Gifford – Wa2eZ – Fulton County Radio Officer

ECAC Reports Progress on ARES, NTS Studies

ECAC Reports Progress on ARES, NTS Studies

Last June, the ARRL Emergency Communications Advisory Committee (ECAC) was tasked with recommending improvements to ARES® and NTS so that the amateur service can better serve the public in providing emergency communications. Specific topics included: ARES and NTS objectives and organizational structures; integration of ARES and NTS; training, certification, and credentialing; and relationships with served agencies. Chairman Dale Williams, WA8EFK, former Michigan Section Manager and new Vice Director of the Great Lakes Division, reported to the ARRL Board of Directors last month.

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ICS-100 Introduction to Incident Command Training

FEMAThe TRYON ARC will be hosting a FEMA training session on April 13th, 2013 from 10am – 2pm at the Gloversville Public Library.  This training session will include the FEMA training and certification for Introduction to Incident Command ICS-100.b.  Following the training, you will be able to log on to the FEMA website and complete the certification.  Download the complete Student Manual by clicking here.  Print a flyer for the event here.         Register for the class by clicking here.

Please email questions to Don Gifford using the following email:  Wa2eZ at live dot com.