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Public Information Officer Appointed

New PIO Connie Cockrell
New PIO Connie Cockrell
Hello All,
It is my pleasure to announce the appointment of Connie Cockrell as the TRYON Armature Radio Club – Public Information Officer or PIO.  This position has been vacant since Daniel Nadareski left and he has been sorely missed.  Connie is a retired Air Force Master Sargent, she has a masters degree from Bowie State and has been involved with volunteer groups for nearly 10 years (Red Cross, 4-H, etc…).  In her retirement she wears many hats and this is one more she has agreed to wear for us.

     Connie lives in Payson, AZ, she is married and is the mother of one daughter.  She is active in the local 4-H and is Director of Member Services for the Phoenix branch of the Project Management Institute.  Needless to say, she comes highly qualified for what I have asked her to help us with.  Oh, did I mention she is an book author and most importantly, my sister.
     I spoke to Connie and explained the need to have someone who only has one task on their plate and that is to notify the media when the club is doing something for the public.  It always sounds easy when I say that, but it is a task that requires focus and good organizational skills and she has all of that.  I know she can do this extremely well, but I also know that it does not mean our name will appear where she sends it.
     The one thing that no one can do is make any news media publish our good deeds, it just can’t happen.  With that in mind I am reminded that we are a small community and the Leader Herald only has so much space for community minded news.  I ask that you all accept that they will print what they want no matter what we think.  I am NOT making excuses for them, I am just being realistic and setting an expectation for all of us.
     Lastly I want to say that we have an AWESOME club and I mean that.  We have a nice set of public services events which give us the ability to train for incidents like last years flood in Ft. Plain.  Steve Kuck, Howard Selwitz, Joe O’Neill, Earl Ward and others (forgive me if I left you out) have been involved with many activations over the last few years and they need a big pat on the back.  The club works well and we do get the important stuff done without question.  It is a volunteer group and that means you do what you can.  I would never question someone as to why they didn’t come to an event.  We all have lives and family that are above this club on the list of stuff that matters.  You should have fun and hopefully learn something about radio and feel good about being a member.  The club is what it is and will always be what the majority of the membership wants it to be.  If we aren’t doing something you want to do, let one of the officers know so we can address it.  All I ask from you as members is to check out our website and Facebook page once a week, be as active as you can on the radio and with us, and most importantly, HAVE FUN.  I am proud to be a member and I hope all of you are too.
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