Repeaters: 146.700- Mhz | 146.970- Mhz | 443.700+ Mhz | 445.075- Mhz | PL: 100 hz

Club Officer Election 2013-14

The club held officer nominations and elections last night at our October meeting.  Our By-Laws specify that officer nominations take place in October and elections are held in November.  Since all offices were un-opposed, a motion to elect the officers at the same meeting was passed and here are the officers for 2013-14 and beyond:

President – Don Gifford Wa2eZ (2 yr term per By-Laws)

Vice-President – Steve Kuck K2ALS (1 yr term)

Secretary – Howard Selwitz KD2ABK (1 yr term)

Treasurer – Matt Woods KC2VGD (1 yr term)

Please help me in thanking these folks for all they do.  The goal of our club has been and will continue to be a club dedicated to it’s membership, their needs and desires as we fulfill our role as a public service organization to better our community and beyond.

Repeater site test results

On October 5th the TRYON ARC performed a coverage test from the new repeater site. Thanks to everyone who participated. We had some interesting results. We mounted an omni directional antenna about 20ft from the ground and conducted our test mainly at 50 watts and 25 watts. Here are the signal reports we received:

KD2DKI S9 both directions with as low as 5W to repeater site.
K2RND @ 50W S2. @ 25W S0.
N2KAE @ 50W S9. @ 25W S7.
W1WV @ 50W S6. @ 25W S3.
N2UZQ @ 50W S7.
K2HAT @ 50W S6. – From Rensselaer @ 120W we copy at S5. @ 40W we copy S2.
WA2WDX @ 50W S2-S3 – Mobile 50ft over sea level in Troy.
KB2RSK RX Report @ 50W S8, @ 25W S6 and @ 5W S3. He TX at 5W we copy at S5.
KD2AUX 5W HT indoors we copy at S4 in Johnstown.
N2JVE @ 50W copy report S3 to North Columbia co.
KC2WRG @ 50W copy S9 to Gloversville, Kingsboro.
KC2YLK RX copy from Broadalbin from 5W HT with S1. TX @ 50W S5.
KC2GNC from Johnstown Dunkin Donuts with 4W HT we RX at S3.

Successful Public Service Event!


Today, volunteers from the Tryon Amateur Radio Club and Fulton County ARES came out to support the 6th annual Juveinile Diabetes Research Foundation 5K run at the Boulevard School in Gloversville NY. Our volunteers provided race status communications for the event staff and safety spotting for the participants. We are happy to say that there were no adverse events that took place this year. In past years, we have assisted with locating missing participants and alerted emergency services of race participants in need of medical care. This event included two different operating procedures this year. As a test of our communication abilities, we operated the race on 446.000mhz simplex. We usually operate on a 2 meter simplex frequency. This test showed the ability to use a 70cm frequency if needed for a secondary net frequency. Net control also operated at less than 1/2 watt output power. We had 100% reliable communications throughout the entire event. We also moved our volunteers to different assignments during the race as we did not have as many operators as we usually have available. This was not a bad thing. As a volunteer organization, we realize and expect that our members have other commitments and responsibilities and are not available for all that we do. Today proved the professional abilities of our members to be able to adapt to a situation and still complete our mission with 100% reliability! I wish to thank the following volunteers for participating in today’s event: Joe-KB2TJE, Edgar-KC2UEZ, Grayson-N2KAE, Howard- KD2ABK and Don WA2EZ.

Fulton County ARES Emergency Coordinator