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Learning CW “The right way”

The subject of learning CW was brought up while listening to an ongoing QSO on 80m. One of the hams who can transmit and receive at 50+ wpm said he learned using a free course he found online by Chuck Adams.

This course consist of a manual in PDF format, answers manual also in PDF format and a CD image (to be burned to a CD with your favorite CD burning software – How-to with infrarecorder for example).

If interested give this course a try, I (KC2UEZ) will give it a test and see if I am successful with it. I am what some people call a No-Code-Extra, but CW is something I have been trying to learn for a while.

Tour of the Voice of America Museum

Howard KD2ABK submitted a link to this very informative 45 minutes special about the Voice of America radio Station museum (WLW). It is the same radio station from the previews post, but done by folks at Amateur Logic TV.

Thank you Howard for submitting this link. If you wish to submit another ham radio related article, videos, links, etc. feel free to send it to webmaster at k2jji dot org.