Repeaters: 146.700- Mhz | 146.970- Mhz | 443.700+ Mhz | 445.075- Mhz | PL: 100 hz

Amateur Radio License Exam Session 11/17/2012

The Tryon ARC will be hosting an Amateur Radio License Exam Session on Saturday November 17th at 1:00 PM.

The location of this test will be at the Gloversville Public Library – Second floor.
58 E Fulton St, Gloversville NY.

The test session is open to the public and we will offer Tech, General and Extra class exams. The fee for the FCC Amateur License test is $15. This fee can be paid in cash or check at the VE test session 11/17.

For information on what to bring for the VE Exam click here.

CTCSS (PL) 100 Hz tone on 146.700Mhz Repeater

Over the next few weeks the Tryon ARC will enable the PL tone of 100Hz on the 2m repeater to improve the capabilities of the system.

We encourage everyone to program the 100Hz tone ahead of time to avoid any glitches or disruption of communications. Don’t wait until the tone is enable to update your radio. If you need assistance programming your radio please ask.

Please inform other hams in the area of the change.

Why are we doing this? For a few reasons:

  • Eliminate or prevent false keying on distant signals or malicious interference.
  • Capability of linking 70cm/2M repeaters.
  • Add IRLP capabilities to the repeater.
  • Integrate EchoLink and IRLP.
  • Add the capability to join conference groups over the VoIP systems.

If you have any questions about this change, please ask over the repeater or feel free to leave a comment below.