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Morse Code in the Sky… Literally

Tiny Japanese Satellite Will Write Morse Code Messages in the Sky.

The robotic Japanese cargo vessel now en route to the International Space Station is loaded with food, clothes, equipment — and a set of tiny amateur radio satellites, including one that will write Morse code messages in the sky.

Japan’s unmanned H-2 Transfer Vehicle-3 launched July 20 and is slated to arrive at the station Friday (July 27). The ultrasmall satellites it’s carrying, which are known as cubesats, will likely remain on the orbiting lab until September, when they’ll be deployed by Japanese astronaut Akihiko Hoshide using the Kibo module’s robotic arm.

One of the cubesats, FITSAT-1, will write messages in the night sky with Morse code, helping researchers test out optical communication techniques for satellites, researchers said.

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Cheap SDR presentation follow-up

After the presentation some members requested more information on the $20 Software Define Radio shown at the meeting yesterday.

I have uploaded the PowerPoint presentation to the website, it has all the links and the step by step instructions on how to get it working. To download the presentation click here.

To view the Google Docs version of the presentation click here.

If you have any questions about the configuration or how to get it working please post it on the comments below.

Radio club granted 2012 Olympic licence GB2012MV

WARRINGTON Amateur Radio Club (WARC) have been granted a licence to cover both the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic games.

In a collaborative effort with West Manchester Radio Club and South Manchester Radio and Computing Club, WARC have been granted the special call sign GB2012MV (Manchester Venue) for the event at Old Trafford, home of Manchester United, one of the venues for the Olympic football tournament.

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Amatuer Radio featured in Kids TV Show

Amateur Radio was featured on “Colby’s Corner” TV Show this week. Colby is a 9 year old who visits locations in South Carolina, learning about different things, from Jobs, Sports & Hobbies. For the show it was set up a temporary station and Vince Lombardo (K4AOC) performed control operation to get Colby on the air and filmed it for this TV show.

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