Repeaters: Gloversville, NY 146.700 (-) PL: 123.0 | Town of Florida, Amsterdam NY 146.970 (-) PL: 123.0 | Northville, NY 146.835 (-) PL: 123.0

Petiton started to void homeowner’s associations antenna restrictions.

Most of us here in Fulton County, NY do not have to deal with homeowner’s associations, but many communities around the country do.

A petition has been started to void the HOA restrictions on Antenna installations. To read more about this and to sign this petition click here. To follow the ongoing discussion on click here.

1 thought on “Petiton started to void homeowner’s associations antenna restrictions.”

  1. Not sure I want to sign up on the site in order to sign this petition. “If you sign a petition, please be advised that, even if you uncheck the box “Display my signature publicly”, your Personal Information may be delivered to the intended recipient of such campaign and/or the creator of such campaign either electronically or in writing;”


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