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Ham Radio Deluxe 5.1 released!

Richard “W4PC” Has posted on this QRZ forum post the announcement of the release of Ham Radio Deluxe version 5.1 build 3209.

HRD Software, LLC announces the release of Ham Radio Deluxe 5.1. This version incorporates fixes and some new features for DXers.

“This is our first release since obtaining the source code about 90 days ago,” said Mike Carper, WA9PIE. “My partner, Rick, W4PC has done an outstanding job at becoming familiar with the code and developing the applications. We were fortunate to have a few key resources like Chuck, K7PT and Terry, G4POP to help us QA the builds as they’re developed.”

The 5.1 release is being made available at no charge to users registered on the HRD website. The focus for this release was a few items from the ToDo list – bug fixes, added rig support, and a few enhancements.

Mike said, “I think we’ve taken a balanced approach to getting something out quickly that satisfies a broad range of needs. I hope hams will enjoy the improvements. Obviously, this is only the beginning. We’ve got big plans and high-expectations for HRD in the future.”

Following the 5.1 release, HRD Software intends to focus on more fixes and significant feature enhancements for v6.x with a target release at the Dayton Hamvention 2012.

As promised, version 5.1 is FREE!

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1 thought on “Ham Radio Deluxe 5.1 released!”

  1. We still await the price for version 6. It still beggars belief that a piece of software that was free and championed as such by Simon the originator should be sold by him to a group of individuals that will charge for his and his contributors labours. The contributors haven’t been paid for their labours believing, as everybody else did that the software was freeware and would remain so. Version 6 will be interesting from copyright reasons as the whole software will have to be re-written from the ‘boots up’ to avoid legal claims from the Amateurs who produced areas of the code. If version 6 isn’t this major rewrite and doesn’t add any more features, it will not be of any value whatsoever, regardless of the rather interesting attempt of a customer survey trying to find out how much the software should sell for on the HRD site. We have paid £35 in the past for ‘Communication Software’ that would be updated for free. Then when an update that came up with a ‘new’ version number we were asked for another £35. The software had no major improvements and the software never got updated and was left on the PC and eventually was never used again. HRD will be used in our shack at the version it is now and stay that way. Version 5.1 ‘free like we promised’, no! free like Simon said it would be…


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