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Elizabeth Cady Stanton – Women’s Suffrage Special Event: Success!!

This past weekend (Nov 12/13) the TryonARC conducted the “Elizabeth Cady Stanton – Women’s Suffrage Special Event”. We would like to thank everyone who participated on this event. We made about 200 contacts. We have received a few Paypal certificate requests and the snail mail request are starting to come in.

If you would like to learn more about this event or you are looking for the address to request a certificate of participation, please visit this page for more information.

SDR and CR Boost Wireless Communications – Article

I came across an interesting article on the “Electronic Design” magazine. The TryonARC is not affiliated with this publication, but this article “SDR and CR boost wireless communications” does a great job explaining in a human understandable language what the Software Defined Radios (SDR) are, how they work and how they are used on telecommunications. I believe SDR is the future of HAM radio and I think the article will help you understand why. If anything, it does for a good read.

TryonARC now officially has a G+ page.

There was a recent announcement that G+ opened the doors to businesses and organizations for g+ pages. This means we can have an official G+ page with google’s blessing. We’ve opened one up here. We plan on having “Virtual NETS” from time to time so people can brag about QSO’s, QRP projects, SOTA Activations, etc.. Don’t worry if you’re not into the g+ thing. All the announcements will still be published here on the site. It is just a way for the club to reach out to other people and show them what we do. Feel free to add us to your circle (whatever that means)..