Repeaters: Gloversville, NY 146.700 (-) PL: 123.0 | Town of Florida, Amsterdam NY 146.970 (-) PL: 123.0 | Northville, NY 146.835 (-) PL: 123.0

Volunteers needed for the “Adirondack Spintacular” in Mayfield, NY. Aug 13

We will need as many amateur radio operators as we can get. The length of the race has been extended and more operators are needed to fully cover the event. Remember this is a good noble cause and they need our help.

Our participation is very well appreciated. Besides providing our services in case of a emergency we will be giving our club exposure to the community and also will help us practice in case of a real emergency. We will also Learn how to use tactical calls and relay information. It is a win – win situation.

On the next few NET’s we will coordinate times and location. Mark your calendars for August 13 from 8:30 AM to approximately 12:30.

To learn more about the “Adirondack Spintacular” and their cause please visit:

UPDATE: 8-11-2011
MAP: Link to MAP My Run.

From Steve (K2ALS) Event coordinator:

The posts are labeled with letters. We may not fill all posts depending on the number of volunteers, or if we are lucky and have lots of help, we can add posts. We will make assignments on Saturday morning. I will have copies of this map for everyone, so no need to make your own.

So far, the weather forecast for Saturday is 83 & Sunny, so please remember to wear appropriate clothing. Also, if you plan to operate outside of your vehicle on portable, remember to have extra batteries, sun block, a hat as appropriate, water for hydration.
Also very important…..if you do intend to stand outside on the road and operate portable, please wear a reflective vest. If you do not have one, we will have some extras at the event. We don’t want anyone getting hurt. (Earl, no sharp objects!!)

Another important item…. We are not trained and authorized to provide traffic control. It is not our duty, or responsibility. Even those of us who are trained (i.e. Fire-Police), we are not authorized to perform that duty unless activated by our OWN fire department for an EMERGENCY.

If you do witness an emergency, please report it to NET CONTROL immediately, then you may render assistance (if you choose to) as a good Samaritan until trained help arrives.

Our ONLY official function is communications.

According to an article in the Leader today, sadly this is the last year for the Adirondack Spintacular.

Lets make this our best effort, have some fun and stay safe.

Tent set up- 8:30 am
Pre race briefing and post assignments- 9:00 am
Post deployment- 9:30 am
Arrive at posts and check in to Net Control – no later than 9:50 am
Race Start- 10:00 am

Pre-Race talk in – 146.700 (-) TRYON Repeater
Race Primary- 146.550 simplex
Race Back up- 146.580 simplex

Hope to see many of you this Saturday


Steve K2ALS

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