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Time-out timer for computer controlled radios.

Last week the echolink computer had a hard crash and kept the PTT closed. Luckily the local repeater has a time out timer so the TX lock up did not killed the repeaters finals, but nobody could access the repeater for a couple of hours due to the input being locked.

The suggestion was to enable TOT on the radio, but the radio is an older  Azden PCS 7000 that does not have this feature.

The way how the PTT is activated from the computer is through the serial port. The signal RTS is set to high and together with the ground it closes the PTT, either by using an opto-coupler or a transistor. The solution I thought about was using the PIC12F683 and is described bellow.

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SkyWarn Spring Session – May 18th

The National Weather Service spring SKYWARN session has been scheduled for May the 18th from 7pm to 9pm at the EOC room, located at the back of the Fulton Co Sheriff Dept.

To participate you will need to register. Registration is free and open to members of the Fulton and Montgomery Counties interested on weather observation (no ham license required). The online form is located here: