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Net “Not Necessarily About Anything”

Did you know that there is a Sunday Night Net?

Yes, there is!  K2ALS Steve Kuck is hosting the Net “Not Necessarily About Anything”.  It begins at 8:00 PM EST on the K2JJI repeater in Johnstown, NY. Frequency is 146.700Mhz with – offset. Echolink Node #845553.

Steve has been running the net for the past few weeks and the topics have ranged from “most memorable HF contact” to “Public Service and EmComm”.  Sometimes it is just a “rag chew” and that is also very good.  

Stop by and say hi, add your 2 cents and maybe even laugh a bit as Steve keeps the repeater warm.  It couldn’t be any easier, it is WayTwoEasy!  bye for now…

Update 4/25/2017: Update to reflect new echolink node number: 845553

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