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How a Dutch radio enthusiast is tracking NATOs’ air movement in Libya

Long gone are the days when the average citizen had to wait for the government or the press to learn about distant wars. This is an example how in this information age a Dutch ex-military and radio enthusiast make uses of the new ways information is transmitted, tracking attack flights on Libya, and even helping NATO by tweeting messages to the US command responsible for the strikes.


Search and Rescue Group 5-1

Thanks to the Search and Rescue Group 5-1 for the presentation given on March 16, 2011. For those who attended the meeting also thanks. For a copy of the flyers passed on this meeting click here.

The sheet with the frequencies was almost impossible to read, but the club has them listed here:

To download the Silva compass guide “Read This, or Get Lost.” Click here.

If you wish to volunteer for this noble cause contact Stan Banovic. His contact information is here. They are not only looking for search volunteers but also other type of assistance. Contact them to see how you can help.

Echolink node temporarily down.

Last night (3/12/2011) I noticed the echolink node acting up. I moved it to a simplex frequency while I fix the issues so it will not affect the day to day repeater use.

If the problem is related to the sound card then the echolink node may be down for a few days since the host computer requires a special type of PCI card due to its 1U size. Nothing else is affected, the RACES nets are still being recorded.

UPDATE: 3/15/2011 1800z
The echolink problem has been fixed. It was not related to hardware, but an update had caused the audio to malfunction.