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Website=>Twitter=>Facebook. It all works!

You may have noticed that a bunch of weird posts came across Twitter and were on the main page of this website for a little while tonight. This was because, I was troubleshooting how we could get posts from this website to go to Twitter then to our Facebook page without anyone having to post it more than once. I can say that as of right now, it’s all working fine and dandy.

So basically, what will happen, in a perfect world, will be this…

  1. An announcement will be posted here on this website.
  2. That post, if selected, will be automagically sent to our Twitter account.
  3. Then that Twitter post will be sent to our Facebook page.

In one fell swoop, all our internet information access points will be updated from one central location. This will make the dissemination of information much easier and efficient. If you have any questions on this, please feel free to contact any of the admins of this website.

73, Rich – KB2MOB

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