Repeaters: Gloversville, NY 146.700 (-) PL: 123.0 | Town of Florida, Amsterdam NY 146.970 (-) PL: 123.0 | Northville, NY 146.835 (-) PL: 123.0

Echolink Node: 845553

NOTE: At the moment there is an issue with the repeaters controller, DTMF C is no longer required to enter echolink commands.

The Tryon ARC Echolink Repeater information:
Node # 845553 [5 simultaneous connections max]
Frequency: FM 146.70MHz (-) PL: None
PC: MiniITX Radio: Azden PCS7000[H](10W)

This node is owned and operated by KC2UEZ. Problems? email: kc2uez [at]

The K2JJI Tryon ARC Repeater is set to 146.700 MHz (- offset) with no PL tone. This repeater is located in Johnstown, NY. This is an open repeater everyone is welcome to use it. Feel free to use this repeater as a normal repeater, but be prepared for someone from anywhere in the world to connect in the middle of your QSO, and please welcome them also.

What is Echolink?

EchoLink is a Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) program that allows hams to connect with other hams in other parts of the country or the world using the Internet to reach the distant amateur’s computer, repeater, or simplex link. EchoLink information is available from many places on the web including A list of all currently active EchoLink Stations and Node Numbers is available from

How to use of EchoLink on the K2JJI Repeater:

First, check to see if the EchoLink is operational and if it might already be connected. Key your transmitter, give your call sign, and enter DTMF digits “C08“. If the EchoLink is operational the response will be either “DISCONNECTED” or “CONNECTED TO XXXXX” where XXXXX is the call sign of the connected station.

If EchoLink is already connected, the connected station will hear the transmissions you make.

If EchoLink is NOT CONNECTED, your choice would be to connect to a station using it’s node number  by keying your transmitter, and enter DTMF code “C” and the remote node number.

EchoLink will respond with one of the following messages: “CONNECTING TO XXXXX” or you may get the response “XXXXX NOT FOUND.”

If you hear the “CONNECTING TO….” message, wait until you hear “CONNECTED TO XXXXX” and then give a short call. If you hear the “NOT FOUND” the station is not currently logged into the EchoLink server.

On occasion the connection is actually made but not announced. If you get “CONNECTING TO XXXXX” followed by silence, enter DTMF digits “C08” to get the status of the connection.

If you successfully connected to a station, when you are finished with your QSO, key in the DTMF “C#” to disconnect.

Echolink can be used from a computer, you will be able to connect to the repeater using your personal computer (and iPhone®). Microphone, speakers and internet connection is required. The EcholLink node has  a timeout of 3 minutes. For more information on how to use Echolink on a computer visit:

Quick Guide:

DTMF Description
C[Node Number] Enter the 4 to 6 digits Node Number that you'd like to connect to.
C# Once connected, this will Disconnect the link.
C* Local system info. Will not play if a station is already connected.
C06 [Node Number] To check node status.
C08 Local system Status 'disconnected' or 'connected to …'
C09 Reconnect to the last connected link.
C50 Local time.
C51 Weather conditions.
C52 Temperature and time measured.
C53 Local weather forecast.
C54 Local weather warnings.
C55 Local weather warning summary.
C56 Local extended weather warning.

Update 4/25/2017: Update to reflect new echolink node number: 845553