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License Exams

The TRYON ARC V.E. Team, associated with the ARRL-VEC, will hold Amateur Radio exam sessions for Technician, General and Amateur Extra licenses on the third Wednesday of every month. Walk-in applicants are accepted. The site is NOT handicap accessible. If you need handicap access, please let us know and we will make the necessary arrangements.

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Please read this entire page before you register!


All exams begin at 5:30pm

January 16 February 20 March 20
April 17 May 15 June 19
July 17 August 21 September 18
October 16 November 20 December 18

** Although not required, we prefer that you Pre-Register to better help us serve you.


Fulton County Emergency Operations Center, 2712 State Highway 29, Johnstown NY 12095.
Entrance to the EOC room is located at the back of the building. For directions, please click here.

TIME: 5:30 pm.
TEST FEE: $15.00 Cash or Checks made out to ARRL-VEC

Examinees should bring:

  • Two (2) forms of identification (one must be a photo ID).
  • Your FRN number or Social Security Number.
  • Original, signed Amateur Radio license (if you are already licensed).
  • A photocopy of your original, signed Amateur Radio license (either 5×7 or wallet size is acceptable).
  • Any unexpired Certificates of Successful Completion of an Exam that you will be using to apply for upgrades.
  • Photocopies of Certificates of Successful Completion of an Exam  that you will be using to apply for upgrades.
  • Cash or check for test fees, please provide exact change.
  • A blue or black ink pen (for filling out forms ).
  • A pencil (for taking the exams).
  • A calculator (if desired, for taking the exams – non-programmable only).

The TRYON ARC V.E. Team:

  • Don Gifford WA2EZ – Extra Class (ARRL Session Liaison)
  • Howard Selwitz KD2ABK – Extra Class (Session Manager)
  • Edgar Barranco K2UN – Extra Class
  • Paul Mecca KD2FLC – Extra Class
  • Paul Palmatier W2POL – Extra Class
  • Earl Ward Jr. KR2L – Extra Class
  • Ray Di Stefano K2RND – Extra Class
  • Joe O’Neill KB2TJE – Extra Class
  • Denis Cote W1WV – Extra Class
  • Leo Lesko WW2LL – Extra Class

Effective December 1, 2001, the FCC will not process license application forms that do not include an FCC Registration Number, or FRN.  If you already hold a license, you may be able to get your FRN from one of the web-based callbooks: try the ARRL’s or QRZ.  You can also call the FCC Licensing Support System at 1-877-480-3201. If you do not have an FRN, you will have to use your Social Security Number on the license application form.  

The fee for ARRL-VEC VE sessions is $15.00. You can take as many different test elements as you want for $15.00. But if you do not pass an element and wish to take it again at the same session, an additional $15.00 will be required. For example: if you pass the General class exam, you can try the Extra class exam at no additional charge! Go ahead, give it a shot! Even if you don’t pass, you will at least get an idea of what to expect. But if you don’t pass the General exam and want to take it again, you will have to pay another $15.00 test fee!



Click here to download  the FCC 605 REQUIRED RF Safety Certification Summary form.  When you sign your FCC 605 form, you are certifiying that you have read this form.  Please read it and be safe, improper radio installations can be dangerous and cause personal injury.

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